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Live and EVERGREEN webinar solutions.

Explode Your Business with Live and Evergreen Webinars

Steve Orlovich wants you to know that you can lock-in now and own a LIFETIME LICENSE before it is replaced with an annual licence.

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Begin using webinarBLAZE today and you'll be blown away with what it can do. Please note: a complete EVERGREEN feature (see video at bottom of page), will be released in the Fall. You get it ALL at today's ridiculious price before it goes up.

webinarBLAZE Demo (below)

A look inside the webinar platform. This video was recorded July 18, 2019.

webinarBLAZE the last webinar service you'll ever need.
Webinar presenters done your way.

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webinarBLAZE automates your evergreen webinars.

webinarBLAZE Features

You can enjoy all these features today and watch your busines grow.

  •  HTML5 design (mobile compatible).
  • Desktop sharing, also known as screen sharing.
  • Free access for participants or assign a general password.
  • Webinar registration: participants create their own passwords.
  • File uploads, like PPT; basically any Office document.
  • Control if people can download files or not.
  • Full annotation on documents.
  • Multi-user annotation on documents.
  • Full white boarding.
  • Text chat and private chat.
  • Closed Captioning ability.
  • Video live streaming for presenter and visitors.
  • Easy hand-off to allow others to take control of the room.
  • Multi-language integration.
  • No limit to the number of webcams that can stream. You are only limited by bandwidth.
  • Polling - create polls to collect data.
  • Share YouTube Video - the webinar moderator controls the playing and stopping of the videos.
  • Webcam Enhancements - More flexibility to set quality and size of webcam as well as the position on the screen for the webcam. Also the ability for full screen webcam.
  • Collaborative Notetaking - The ability for all attendees to provide written input in a shared notepad and to be able to save the notes.
  • Room Splitting - This unique feature will allow the moderator to split the webinar into multiple rooms, assign people to different rooms and set a countdown timer when the rooms will close and everyone brought back to the main webinar auditorium.

Back Office Video Overview

A look inside the back office. Please note: this video shows the back office to Audio Video Conference (our current system) that is being renamed and redesigned for webinarBLAZE.

Phase 3 - Coming Soon

EVERGREEN Webinar Solution Currently in Development.

EVERGREEN FEATURE! People pay thousands of dollars annually for some of the features we will be adding later this year. You will get it all here for a rediculious one-time purchase but for a limited time. The price goes up on launch day.

BUT WAIT! If you act now you will be able to get 5 rooms for the price of 2. There's a lot you can do with 5 rooms. We've been selling packages for years. Some of our customers have rented their extra rooms to make additional income. These rooms are yours to do with as you wish.

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Only $297 For a Lifetime License

This price is for a limited time and goes up very soon.

Our guarantee.

BONUS: Receive Lifetime License to KwikiChat When You Purchase webinarBLAZE.

See KwikiChat Below. This Product Launches soon after webinarBLAZE and regularly retails for $27 monthly.

Lifetime License

$ 297 one time
  • Very popular choice.
  • This is a one time purchase that entitles you to a lifetime license for WebinarBLAZE.
  • You own it today. You use it today.
  • This is a limited time price and goes up very soon.
  • After official launch it will retail for $497 annually and $59 per month.
  • There will be NO lifetime licenses after launch.
  • You also get a Lifetime License to KwikiChat.

5 for 2

$ 594 one time
  • Only 50 available.
  • This is a one time purchase that entitles you to 5 webinars rooms for the price of 2 rooms.
  • You own it today. You use it today.
  • This is a limited time price and goes up soon.
  • After official launch it could retail for as much as $1,997 for a year.
  • There will be NO lifetime licenses after launch.
  • You also get a Lifetime License to KwikiChat.


$ 997 one time
  • Only 20 available.
  • Become a reseller. This is a one time purchase that entitles you to 10 webinar rooms.
  • You own it today. You use it today.
  • You can sell them, give them away as a promotion or keep them.
  • This offer is only available for a limited time.
  • If you sell them then we support your customers.
  • You also get a Lifetime License to KwikiChat.
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